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Welcome to a collection of heartfelt testimonials from our valued clients. At Mangalath Immigration, we believe that the true measure of our success lies in the satisfaction of those we serve.

In these testimonials, you will hear firsthand accounts of the experiences our clients have had with us. From the moment they embarked on their journey with Mangalath Immigration, to the successful outcomes we achieved together, these stories reflect the dedication, expertise, and passion that drive us every day.

Testimonial – Mrs. Josna John, Electronic Instrument Trade Worker (Special Class) from Singapore granted SC 190 Family Visa for South Australia in February 2024.

We recently received our SC 190 visa with the assistance of Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration Service. Mr. Murali Mangalath and his team were highly professional and easily reachable throughout the process. They provided clear guidance and were transparent about their fees. Their accessibility via phone and email gave us confidence in their services. Overall, our experience with Mr. Murali Mangalath was excellent, and we would confidently recommend him to others seeking immigration assistance.

Testimonial – Mr. Murugesh Subhashchandra Kiravadi, Electronics Engineer from Bangalore (India) granted SC 189 Visa in February 2024.

Testimonial – Mr. Murugesh Subhashchandra KiravadiMy name is Murugesh Subhashchandra Kiravadi from Davanagere, India.

Highly recommend Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath Immigration.

I cannot thank Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration enough for their invaluable assistance in helping me secure, my Australian Permanent Residency through the subclass 189 visa (Offshore). As an Electronics Engineer, navigating the complex immigration process seemed daunting, but with their expertise and guidance, it became a smooth journey.

From the initial consultation to the final approval, Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration was there every step of the way, providing personalized support and ensuring I had all the necessary documents in order. Their in-depth knowledge of the immigration system, coupled with their professionalism, made the entire process seamless.

What truly impressed me was their commitment to excellence and dedication to ensuring that I understood each step of the process. Despite the challenges, they remained steadfast in their support, and after 1.5 years, I finally received my PR.

If you’re considering immigrating to Australia, I wholeheartedly recommend Mangalath Immigration. Trustworthy, reliable, and efficient – they are truly the best in the business! Thank you once again for making my dream of living in Australia a reality.

Mangalath Immigration has their locations based in Athani, Cochin, India and in Melbourne, Australia.

Testimonial – Mrs. Pandipriya Veeran, Architectural Draftsperson from Tamil Nadu, currently living in Vietnam, granted SC 190 Family Visa on 28th February 2024.

Testimonial – Mrs. Pandipriya VeeranI want to express my gratitude to Mr. Murali Mangalath and his colleagues for their invaluable time, excellent support, and assistance in helping me get the results I needed during my visa adjustment procedure.

From the day we took the first step toward realizing our ambition of moving to Australia, it has been an amazing and exhilarating adventure. It goes without saying that your team and you provided incredible, unwavering assistance and support in getting the application to the next stage. Your unwavering assistance and direction were crucial in securing the SC 190 visa.

Mr. Murali Mangalath immigration service for migration to Australia is excellent, and will provide you with detailed instructions, and the procedure you must adhere to based on his emails need to be unavoidable. And you can trust him without question for the forthcoming visa application process, I promise. Additionally, follow his direction to ensure that everyone can obtain the visa they desire.

Testimonial – Mr. Akhil PG, Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special) from Ernakulam, granted SC 190 Family Visa on 20th February 2024.   

Testimonial – Mr. Akhil PG

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Murali Mangalath, the remarkable migration agent of Mangalath Immigration, for their outstanding support and guidance throughout the visa application process. With his expertise and dedication, I am delighted to announce that I’ve been granted a SC 190 Visa for Australia under the occupation of Electronics Instrument Trade Worker (Special Class)!

I also want to extend my gratitude to Mr.Gopinathan and his team from the Athani, Cochin, Mangalath Immigration India office, whose assistance was invaluable during this journey.

There was a time when obtaining an Australian visa seemed impossible, but Mr. Murali Mangalath’s unwavering support and advice to renew all my expired applications instilled new hope and confidence in us. Their professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering belief in my case truly made all the difference. Today, I’ve achieved my ultimate goal – securing my Australian visa!

Testimonial - Mr. Akhil PGIt was one of my friends who recommended Mr. Murali Mangalath. His suggestion led me to an exceptional agent who not only assisted me but exceeded all expectations, despite the fact that I’ve never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Murali Mangalath or anyone from the migration agency in person.

A heartfelt shoutout to Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd for their unwavering dedication and support throughout this journey. I am immensely grateful for everything they’ve done to turn this dream into a reality.


Testimonial – Mrs. Hnin Myat oo, Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special) , Nationality Myanmar, Currently Living in Singapore,  Granted SC 190 Family Visa for South Australia in February 2024.

Testimonial-MyatThe service that Mr. Murali Mangalath and his team provided was exceptional. Mr. Murali Mangalath explained detailed approach to my PR application and is responsive to all my queries during this journey. The guidelines to provide documents are systematic and clear. All required documents were uploaded and we received the direct grant on time from my lodgement date. The service provided is worth the fees and I’d recommend them to those who are interested in Australian PR.


Testimonial – Mr. Mithun Mohan K, Civil Engineer from Kerala, India Granted SC 491 Family Visa for Australia on 17th January 2024.

Testimonial – Mr. Mithun Mohan K

Gratitude towards Mangalath Immigration extends to Mr. Murali Mangalath and the entire team for their valuable support. Facing challenges with low points in the selection pool, Mr. Murali Mangalath wisely recommended opting for NSW nomination. Following his guidance, we successfully secured the nomination on 01-Jun-2023. Our application, strengthened by Mangalath Immigration’s meticulous document verification and correction process, was lodged on 07-Jun-2023.

Our quest to migrate to Australia led us to discover Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration through a friend who recently obtained PR. Witnessing the 100 Percent success rate in his testimonial, I promptly reached out to Mr. Murali Mangalath for our application. Opting for Mangalath Immigration has proven fortunate, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to those seeking a migration consultant. The dedication, precise guidance, and unwavering support throughout the visa application process have left me thoroughly pleased, even in our remote communication through emails and messages.

Testimonial – Mr. Kartik Krishnamurthy, Marketing Specialist received his SC190 visa grant 9th January 2024.

Testimonial – Mr. Kartik KrishnamurthyWe extend our deepest and sincere thanks to Mr. Murali Mangalath and his team for helping us obtain our PR in Australia. I have been here for 10+years, and despite multiple attempts, had all but given up hope for settling in Australia. A good friend recommended us to Mr. Murali Mangalath, who helped me & my partner on our journey, with his experience and knowledge.

I highly recommend Mr. Murali Mangalath of Mangalath Immigration for anyone seeking assistance with their visa application in Australia. His help in navigate the complex process of applying for the subclass 190 visa for my occupation as a marketing professional was quite thorough, and I am thrilled to share that my PR application was successful! Mr. Murali Mangalath’s expertise, attention to detail, and support were invaluable throughout the entire journey. He was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns, and his guidance was instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. If you are looking for a skilled and dedicated migration lawyer, I wholeheartedly refer Mr. Murali Mangalath and his team.

Testimonial – Mrs. Remya Ravindran granted Partner Visa SC 820 on 3rd January 2024.

Testimonial - Mrs. RemyaWe (me and my husband) are very thankful to Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration as they have provided end to end support for my Australian Partner Visa processing. It took only 3-4 months for me to get the 820 visa granted. Great immigration Agency with exceptional support and guidance during whole process. Mr. Murali Mangalath was extremely supportive and knowledgeable in helping us achieve my Australian partner visa. The entire process was transparent, clear, and concise at every stage. He is easily approachable on phones or on emails whenever we had any doubts while filing the documents required for Visa.

Excellent professionalism and Great service during the whole process and we will definitely suggest all the Australian aspirants to seek help from Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration, for smooth and honest immigration.

Testimonial – Mr.Titto Sebastian, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) from India granted SC 190 Visa for the State of Queensland, Australia in December 2023.

I would like to thank Mr.Murali Mangalath from Mangalath Immigration for all the support and guidance during my PR application process. The services provided by him, Mr. Gopinadhan P and their entire team were exceptional and highly professional which was key to my success. One of our family friends introduced me to Mr. Murali Mangalath and I will definitely recommend Mangalath immigration (offices at Melbourne, Australia and Kochi, Kerala, India) to all my friends and colleagues who are looking forward to migrate to Australia.

Testimonial – Mr. Jomy Jacob George, Pharmacy Technician Granted SC 491 Visa in December 2023.

Testimonial – Mr. Jomy Jacob GeorgeWe would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath (Mangalath Immigration, Australia) and Athani, Erakulam (Cochin office) for guiding us to get the SC491 regional Visa from Queensland Australia.

We are a family of four currently living and working in Qatar and we came to know about Mr. Murali Mangalath and his services through google reviews.

When I mailed him the first time, he explained in detail the process of migration and gave me the best option to migrate. I think I have made the best choice in selecting Mr. Murali Mangalath as my migration agent.

The best thing about Mr. Murali Mangalath is he is very professional and replies to our mails and phone calls as soon as possible. The only thing we have to do is to submit the necessary documents when he ask for.

I didn’t felt this journey as a tough one as he is valuating each and every forms and documents we are submitting and makes the necessary corrections.

Thanks to Mr. Gopinadhan and team (Cochin office) also. They were also very professional in migration services.

I highly recommend Mr .Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration Pty.Ltd. as the best migration agent currently for Australian visa. He is having and extensive knowledge about what he is doing. His paperworks are perfect.

I had the opportunity to meet him in Qatar last year when he visited here. Mr. Murali Mangalath, thank you very much for your dedication and your services provided to us with no tensions.

Testimonial – Mrs. Sujaya Antonraj and Family, Global Talent Visa (SC858); from Sydney, Australia. Received visa on 28th December 2023.

Testimonial – Mrs. Sujaya Antonraj

Cheers to Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath Immigration located at Athani, Cochin, India, and Melbourne, Australia, for my successful PR process SC858.

My Immigration journey with him started in 2019. I got to know Mr. Murali Mangalath through a Colleague at the office who got his help for a close family to get their Australian PR from Singapore. I moved to Sydney in 2019 on a TSS 482 employer-sponsored visa. My family was in Chennai, and they couldn’t travel in 2020 as dependents due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions.

I was in a dilemma if my decision to bring my family could ever actualize and eventually in 2021, I almost gave up hope and was prepared to go back to India during the extended lockdown. Mr. Murali Mangalath insisted and pushed me to get my skill assessment initiated under applicable ANZSCO codes. Meanwhile, he mentioned that I have a higher chance of getting it through the GTI program. With his guidance and detailed review, I submitted by EOI for GTI 858 in Oct 2021.

In Feb 2023, I got my invitation for GTI 858 out of the blue. I lodged my application with all my documents in Mar 2023.

During the next few months, while the application was still under assessment, I was in a dire situation to change my job. Holding a sponsored 482 work visa and with my PR in processing, it was a challenging time to make any decision. Mr. Murali Mangalath guided me through this tough time. There had been times when he motivated me to hang on tight in Australia when I got other opportunities in Singapore.

In Sep 2023, I had a family emergency back in India where Mr. Murali Mangalath went out of his way and helped me to get my Bridging visa processed quickly to aid my travel back to India.

I finally got my PR in Dec 2023. Felt unreal and overwhelming that day to come to terms with the happy news. After all the hard work you put in along with your immigration agent it’s that one letter where you see your duration of stay is indefinite.

No words to express my happiness and gratitude to Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration through this journey.

Mr. Murali Mangalath was reachable any time I would call him in any situation throughout these years. I have never met Mr. Murali Mangalath in person but his professionalism and dedication to the work are immense.

I strongly recommend Mangalath Immigration for Visa processing and I already referred Mangalath Immigration to my friends waiting to realize their Immigration Journey.

Hoping to meet him in Sydney in 2024.

Testimonial – Mr. Bibin Kurian, Fitter (General) from Tamil Nadu, India Granted SC 491 Family Visa for South Australia on 19th December 2023.

Testimonial – Mr. Bibin KurianGrateful to Mangalath Immigration, I extend thanks to Mr. Murali Mangalath, Mr. Gopinadhan, and the entire team of Mangalath immigration in Melbourne and Kochi, India.

When initiating the immigration process, I faced a lot of confusion in choosing a Consultant. After consulting renowned consultancies and friends, I got to know about Mr. Murali Mangalath, who had successfully guided his clients through visa applications at a success rate of 100 Percent.

Opting for Mangalath Immigration, I experienced excellent support from the start. Mr. Murali Mangalath’s expertise, professionalism, and guidance were exceptional. The document preparation guidance was outstanding, resulting in a successful Vetassess clearance and a prompt nomination from South Australia for the SC-491 Visa. Applying in the Fitter-General Category, we submitted our visa in June ’22. I and My family got Visa granted on 19th December 2023. All his Communication was through emails, and I have never seen him in-person.

I highly recommend Mangalath Immigration to individuals seeking a reliable immigration consultant, as I have already referred many friends, wishing them success in their visa applications.

Testimonial – Mr. Vineeth Naisseri Sasi, Electrical Engineering Technician, an Indian National Living in Qatar, granted SC 190 Family Visa for NSW, Australia on 15/12/2023.

I am so happy and grateful to Mr. Murali Mangalath & Mangalath Immigration for helping me achieve my dream of getting SC 190 AUS PR. The staff was incredibly supportive and helpful. They were very professional, friendly and supportive throughout the whole process. They guided me step by step and answered all my queries and doubts. They also gave me valuable tips and advice on how to improve my points score, prepare & submit the required documents etc.

I would highly recommend Mangalath Immigration to anyone from Middle East who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy immigration consultant. Thank you Mr. Murali Mangalath & team for making my dream come true!

Testimonial – Mr. Sakthivel Muthu, Software Engineer from Tamil Nadu, India received his SC190 visa grant 13th December 2023.

Dreaming of a new life in Australia felt like a distant mirage until Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath Immigration turned it into a vibrant reality. A friend’s glowing recommendation about Mr. Murali Mangalath’s magic touch with PR applications ignited a spark of hope, and the moment I entrusted him with my SC 190 VIC Visa quest, I knew I was on the right path.

Mr. Murali Mangalath wasn’t just a skilled navigator through the intricate labyrinth of immigration policies; he was a relentless champion in my corner. His expertise shone through every step, his honesty disarmed every doubt, and his unwavering dedication made me feel like his top priority. He transformed what could have been a stressful ordeal into a smooth, empowered journey towards my Australian dream.

Today, with my visa secured and a future brimming with possibilities unfolding before me, I owe a debt of appreciation to Mr. Murali Mangalath and the incredible team at Mangalath Immigration. They didn’t just guide me through paperwork, they unlocked a new chapter in my life. If you, like me, yearn for a fresh start under the Southern Cross, look no further. Mangalath Immigration isn’t just an immigration service; it’s a gateway to a brighter horizon. They hold the key, and Mr. Murali Mangalath holds the torch. Don’t hesitate – step into the light and let them rewrite your story, just like they did mine.

Testimonial – Mr. Prabhakaran T, Metal Machinist from Tamil Nadu, India granted 491 Skilled Regional Visa on 13/12/2023.

Testimonial of Mr. Prabhakaran T

I have been granted my 491 skilled regional visa today. My journey with Mr. Murali Mangalath was very genuine and much more satisfaction with his work. He guided me very well and kind for my documentation work and all factors for visa process. Exceptional service from him. His expertise, prompt communication, and attention to detail made my journey smooth. Highly recommend for anyone seeking reliable immigration assistance. I also very thankful to Mr. Gopinathan from Cochin India Office for his support and guidance. Mr. Murali Mangalath you are awesome 👌. Thanks a lot once again.


Testimonial – Mr. Saravana Kumar, Metal Machinist from Singapore granted Family Visa SC 491 for the State of NSW, Australia on 06/12/2023.

Testimonial of Mr. Saravana Kumar

My sincere thanks go to Mr. Murali Mangalath from Melbourne, Australia, and his team in Athani, Cochin, India for guiding me in obtaining a 491 visa for myself and my family under subclass 491. I am nominated as a Metal machinist Trade Worker. Mr. Murali Mangalath was recommended to me by my friends, and I engaged him to assist me with my immigration. The entire process of obtaining a visa was handled very professionally by Mr. Murali Mangalath and he provided us with accurate guidance and clarity throughout. We were guided in preparing all of the required visa documents by him who was extremely knowledgeable about the latest guidelines. Mangalath Immigration would definitely be a good choice for my friends and family looking to immigrate to Australia.

Testimonial – Mrs. Vishnupriya (Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special) and Mr. Ranju Krishnan Family from Singapore who received their PR SC 189 visa on 06/12/2023.



We would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath immigration for providing all the guidance and support for our PR visa application. One of my friends recommended Mangalath Immigration to us and likewise we strongly recommend Mangalath immigration to anyone who is looking for a migration agent as they are very professional and faultless.

Once again, we appreciate all the efforts from Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mr. Gopinathan. Thank you.



Testimonial – Mr. Haris Thomas, Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General), an Indian National Living in Singapore, granted SC 189 Visa for Australia on 06/12/2023.

I would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath and his team in helping me in obtaining an Australian PR visa (SC189). Mr. Murali Mangalath approached the visa application procedure with great professionalism, providing us with clear instructions and explanations. He helped me prepare all the necessary paperwork for the visa application and kept me well-informed about the most recent regulations. I would without a doubt suggest Mangalath Immigration’s services to friends and relatives who are considering moving to Australia.

Testimonial – Mr. Kurian Jacob, Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special) from Singapore granted SC 189 Visa on 6/12/2023.

I would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath based in Melbourne, Australia, and his team in Athani, Cochin, India for guiding me in obtaining an Australian PR visa under subclass 189 for myself and my family. My nominated occupation is Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class). I came to know about Mr. Murali Mangalath through one of my relatives and engaged him as my immigration agent.

Mr. Murali Mangalath was very professional in his approach and gave us proper guidance and clarity regarding the entire visa application process. He was very much updated about the latest guidelines and guided us in preparing all the required documents for the visa application. I would definitely recommend the services of Mangalath Immigration to my friends and family who are looking forward to immigrating to Australia.

Testimonial – Mr. Dilan Anushka, Srilankan from Singapore, Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special) Granted SC 189 Visa with Family on 15th November 2023.

Testimonial - Mr. Dilan AnushkaI would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath immigration (Athani, Cochin, India and Melbourne, Australia) for my successful PR visa process under subclass SC189 applied for Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class).

I came to know about Mr. Murali Mangalath through one of my friends and contacted him right away and engaged him as my immigration agent. He explained the process clearly to me and which documents are required. Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mr.Gopinadhan guided me how to fill up all the applications and prepare other required documents step by step.

The service provided by Mangalath immigration service is 100% professional and trustworthy. I strongly recommend them as migration agents if anyone is looking for one.


Once again I and my wife would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath for all his support and guidance through our successful PR visa journey.

Thank you!

Testimonial of Mr. Rojan Vitus from Qatar who got SC189 visa on 15th November 2023.

Testimonial-Rojan VitusI am utterly grateful for the exceptional services provided by Migration Agent Mr. Murali Mangalath throughout my migration process. Starting in 2018, I received a 491 subclass invitation from South Australia, and Mr. Murali Mangalath guided me through the visa application. However, upon receiving a 189 subclass invite in December, Mr. Murali Mangalath recommended the 189 visa as a better option and facilitated a seamless transition.

Despite never meeting Mr. Murali Mangalath in person, his unwavering support and expertise transcended geographical boundaries. His offices in Athani, Cochin, India, and Melbourne, Australia, under the name Mangalath Migration, showcase his dedication to assisting clients regardless of location. I highly recommend Mr. Murali Mangalath for anyone seeking knowledgeable and supportive migration assistance.


Testimonial – Mr. Koteeswaran Srinivasan, Electronic Instrument trade worker (General) from Singapore, an Indian national, Granted SC189 Visa (Family Visa) on 7th November 2023.

Testimonial of Mr. Koteeswaran Srinivasan

All my sincere thanks to Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath Immigration located at Athani, Cochin, India and Melbourne, Australia, for my successful PR process SC189 Visa 342314 Electronic Instrument trade worker (General)

My journey with him was from 2017, where I had very low points for getting invited. He advised me with all possible ways to increase my score.

For 6years I have never seen him, we just spoke through phone and mail. Any doubts or clarification we can mail him or text him anytime, he just responds as quick as possible even in public holidays.

During Covid it was very tough to hold on to the process but hope from Mr. Murali Mangalath made us hang on. He advised us to utilize this time period and increase the points and we just followed his suggestions.

Initially we received 491 invites from SA on Oct 4th 2022, Mr. Murali Mangalath prepared our documents and we lodged a Visa on 19 Oct 2022. After a month he informed us that we got our SC189 Visa invite.

We were literally confused about what to do since we lodged 491 visas a month ago. Mr. Murali Mangalath called us and explained all the advantages of applying SC189. His suggestion will always be practical and worth giving it a try. We just trusted him and withdrew our SC491 and lodged SC189.

As a result, we got our Australia PR. I strongly recommend Mangalath Immigration for Visa processing and I already suggested Mangalath Immigration for my friends waiting for their turn.

Thank you to Mr. Murali Mangalath, Mr. Gopinadhan and his team….

Testimonial – Ms. Sharmitha Visvanathan from Srilanka Granted Subsequent entry SC489 Visa on 30th October 2023.

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Mr. Murali Mangalath of Mangalath Immigration, who proved to be an invaluable asset in securing my wife’s visa grant 489 SE within an astonishingly short timeframe of just one month. From the outset, his professionalism and expertise shone through, making the entire process not only manageable but surprisingly smooth.

What sets Mr. Murali Mangalath apart is his unwavering clarity. He left no room for confusion, providing precise and understandable guidance at every step. This level of transparency extended to the timelines as well. He not only outlined when we could expect the visa grant but also managed to exceed those expectations – a testament to his efficiency and commitment to client satisfaction.

I greatly appreciate Mr. Murali Mangalath’s support throughout this journey. He not only understands the intricacies of the migration process but navigates them with finesse, ensuring that our application was not only successful but processed in record time. Honestly speaking, Mangalath Immigration actually turned what could have been a daunting process into a positive and rewarding experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mangalath Immigration to anyone in search of a genuine migration consultant in Australia. Having offices in both Melbourne and India is a game-changer, especially for those in Asia looking to make the move. The accessibility and convenience they offer are unmatched.

Thank you Mr. Murali Mangalath, for your exceptional service and for going above and beyond. You have my highest recommendation, and I wish you continued success in assisting others on their migration journeys.”

All the very best to everyone out there who are looking forward to achieve their migration venture.

Testimonial – Mr. Vignesh Kumar Meenakshisundaram Paramasivam & Family, Mechanical Engineer from Singapore Granted SC 189 Visa on 30/10/2023.

Testimonial of Vignesh Kumar We received our visa SC 189 on 30-10-2023 for the family of 4.

Occupation : Mechanical Engineer, ANZSCO 233512

Finally, our Australian dream came true with the help of Mr. Murali Mangalath and his Mangalath Immigration service.

Initially, I started to find the best immigration agent through google, but I wasn’t able to trust anyone easily. Then I came to know one of my colleagues got his PR through Mr. Murali Mangalath, then without second thought I contacted Mr. Murali Mangalath and engaged him as my immigration agent in 2016. He explained to me very clearly what I should do, what documents required and how to prepare those documents.

Mr. Murali Mangalath is being honest with me and helped to address all my queries on time. He has exceptional expertise in migration service to Australia. Yes, my journey was quite long but worth the wait.

To be honest I lost my hope and gave up when I was not able to achieve the desired score in PTE, but he always motivated me that with little effort you can get your desired score. I haven’t met him in person, but still the service and response were amazing. I am truly grateful for the exceptional support provided by Mr. Murali Mangalath and his team. Overall, from the first consultation to the final process, your team’s dedication and professionalism were exceptional. Thanks to your guidance, I’ve achieved my Australian PR with ease.

I wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone seeking a smooth immigration experience.

Testimonial – Mr. Karthikeyan Venkatasubbu & Family,from Singapore, Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class) granted SC 491 Visa (South Australia) on 25/10/2023.

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath from Mangalath immigration (Athani, Cochin, India and Melbourne, Australia) for my successful PR visa process under sub class SC491 applied for Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class).

I came to know Mr. Murali Mangalath through one of my friend who got Australia PR through his services. List of document required and process for Aus PR is very difficult, this was only possible because of Murali’s assistance and guidance. Even though he’s located in Australia he’s always available to answer your queries and his replies are super fast.

In my first case after launching EOI my ANSCO code was removed from the list, when I approached Mr. Murali Mangalath to lower my level to next matching trade he advised me to wait since he’s done the same with one of his client, if any other person just for the sake of $$$ they would simply got my application and submit as well but Mr. Murali Mangalath is different. Once his client status approved then he told me that it is possible so can try again with next ANZSCO ID.

His team in India will verify first line of all documents and goes to Mr. Murali Mangalath for final review. They are familiar with latest updates and they follow up with us for any additional documents required. If you are looking to migrate to Australia I strongly recommend Mangalath Immigration.

Once again myself and my wife would like to thank Mr. Murali Mangalath for all his support and guidance through the years for our successful PR visa. 🤝🤝💐💐

Testimonial – Mr. Savio George, Fitter & Turner granted SC 491 Visa for South Australia on 26/09/2023 at Mangalath Immigration Office, Ernakulam.

Testimonial - Mr. Savio GeorgeI heard about this agency from a friend and had applied for Skilled work regional visa (SC491). Murali Mangalath sir’s expertise guidance and professionalism had helped me to acquire this visa.Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Mangalath Immigration to anyone seeking for an Australian Immigration assistance.
Mangalath Immigration has offices in Melbourne, Australia and branch office at Athani, Ernakulam, India.

Thank you for showing your great example of service. Once again I thank Murali Mangalath sir and Gopinadhan sir for helping me to accomplish my dream🇮🇳🔜🇦🇺.

Testimonial of Mr. Mohammed Ismail, Metallurgical/ Material Technician from Qatar who got SC491 Regional Provisional visa in September 2023.

Murali Mangalath from M/s Mangalath Immigration helped me obtain a SC 491 Visa. A friend of mine in Australia, who benefited from Murali’s services to get his PR, referred me to him. My friend had given me hope, so I started my journey with Murali Mangalath, who supported me with everything from the beginning up till I was granted a visa.

In order to highly recommend Mangalath Immigration, I have written this review. I am quite pleased with his determination and dedication to meeting the needs of the client. Murali Mangalath is being honest with me and addressing all of my questions with his expertise in migration service.

My deepest appreciation to Murali Mangalath and the Mangalath Immigration team for their exceptional support and unwavering devotion. A great thank you to Murali Mangalath for the service provided, which is highly trustworthy. I sincerely appreciate all that you have done, and I am excited for the future I will have in Australia.

Testimonial – Mrs. Resha Granted Partner visa Provisional SC309 and Partner visa SC100 together at the same time on 28th July 2023.

Highly recommend Mr. Murali Mangalath for his services. I had availed his services for visa purposes via his company Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd with offices in Melbourne, Australia and Athani, Aluva, Kerala, India and he was approachable always. He also acted really fast on my application once the requested documents were shared and my spouse visa was processed in under 3 months. Both the Partner Provisional Visa 309 and PR 100 were granted simultaneously, which is great.

Testimonial – Priya Krishnan (System Administrator) & Family from Singapore granted SC 491 Visa for South Australia on 25/07/2023.

Testimonial – Priya Krishnan

Mr. Murali Mangalath guided us in the right path and his service is extraordinary. One of the most trusted agents and his agency Mangalath Immigration service is great and all their services are done in a timely manner.

Thanks to Mr. Murali Mangalath and Mangalath Immigration for their tremendous effort in getting my family granted with SC491 in 5 months that is super-fast and incredible.


Testimonial – Mr.Kiran Rajasekhar, Electronic Equipment Trade Worker from Qatar, granted SC 189 Visa with Family on 07/07/2023.

Testimonial - Mr.Kiran RajasekharThank you Mr. Murali Mangalath for all the efforts you had taken for securing an Australian PR Visa for myself and my family. You had been very meticulous and patient with us in guiding us through all the work needed to be done in making ready the documents required by you in lodging the PR application. You had been patient but very firm to see to it that all our deadlines were strictly met in uploading the documents to you on time, properly endorsed.

To touch a comical vein in passing, if you would so kindly excuse me, the way you had been insistent and forceful, in a brotherly way of course, to get us to do our work strictly as per schedule laid out by you, it would sometimes appear to me that it is your PR that was being worked on, not ours!

We thank once again from our very heart for all the efforts Mr. Murali Mangalath, Mr. Gopinadhan and his team had put in for securing an Australian PR Visa for myself and my family in so short a time. We highly recommend Mangalath Immigration for a smooth migration process to Australia.

Testimonial – Mr.Srinivasan Balasubramanian, Software Engineer from the United States granted SC 491 Visa on 7th July 2023.

I am Srinivasan. I received SA 491 grant recently. I was referred to Mr. Murali by my friend and former colleague Mr. Karthik.

I have lived in USA for 10+ years and was very skeptical about migrating to Australia initially considering my age. Immigrating to Australia is a complex process.

My first communication with Mr. Murali got me convinced that I have found the right contact to address my immigration concerns. He guided me on the correct visa that I need to apply for. He also provided me a contact who would help me with the correct guidance to crack PTE to get maximum points from it.

I also would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Murali for being very patient in answering my questions (sometimes silly and basic) and always reassured me that everything will be fine throughout the whole journey. During the course of the journey I was getting into an uncertain mode whether I would get the grant or not, and Mr. Murali again assured me that the grants will flow out soon. Their charges for the services were also nominal.

Mr. Murali was very practical in his answers with me which always kept me afloat through the entire process when my thoughts about the grant happening were fading away and I was almost ready to forget about it. In short, Mr. Murali was the man for me during crisis.

I will definitely recommend Mr. Murali and Mangalath Immigration Services India and Mangalath Immigration Australia for a transparent, smooth and assured process for anyone desiring to get an Australian visa.

Again Thank you Mr. Murali for the services, guidance and patience for keeping my mind at ease.

Mr. Shan Paul K, Metal Machinist from Ernakulam Receiving his SC 190 Family Visa for Victoria from Mangalath Immigration Office, Ernakulam (March 2023)

Testimonial of Shan Paul KAfter a long waiting from March 2020, my visa is granted on 17th March 2023. Came to know about Mr Murali through one of my friends. After analyzing my profile, Mr.Murali gave me a positive outcome to start visa processing. Murali explained the whole process thoroughly and always he let us know exactly what type of documents and proofs are required.

It was very difficult to collect my employment documents from overseas companies. I have contacted him only through phone and email for all the doubts and it was clarified quickly. He kept me posted on the progress of the application and made the process very transparent.

I received my 190 Invitation in January 2020 and I lodged my 190 Vic visa on 2nd March 2020. But unfortunately, due to the Covid situation, my visa processing was delayed. After one year I got married and I added my wife as a second applicant. As per his instruction, we did my wife’s skill assessment and English proficiency to meet my score. After 3 years of waiting we got golden mail on 23rd March 2023. I would once again thank Mr.Murali for his valuable guidance and his quality of service. We highly recommend Murali and Mangalath Immigration for making your Australian Immigration dream come true. All the best to the team.

Testimonial – Sarath T.S and Anjana who got SC 189 PR Visa in April 2023.

Our migration process with Mangalath Immigration has been a great experience for us, and we are very happy to share our story with you. We started our process in the year 2021, during the pandemic. In the beginning, we weren’t sure how everything would work. Mr. Murali Mangalath made this journey easier by always responding to any queries and concerns and guiding us to ensure everything was correct and according to immigration requirements.  He took great care to ensure accuracy in all our paperwork; the outcome is a dream come true.

We received our Permanent Residency visa (Subclass 189) in April 2023.  We are skilled professionals in Electronics Engineering and Human Resources Advisor. We would certainly recommend his services to anyone looking for a hassle-free visa process. The corporate service and support were perfect, professional, and swift.

Testimonial of Mr. Arun Nair, Electrical Engineer from Saudi Arabia, who got PR Visa in April 2023.

Hi… we were looking for good immigration agent for our PR, one of our friend recommended Mangalath immigration who already got PR through them. They were the most experienced and professional people in the field of immigration process. We thank especially Mr. Murali for his right guidance helped us to collect all the relevant documents for submission. Even though he meticulous about certificates which would help you to grant PR without even a single question from case worker… I highly recommend Mangalath immigration those who are looking for a PR to AUSTRALIA.

Testimonial of Mr. Abey Joseph, Civil Engineer from Kuwait, who got PR Visa in April 2023

Testimonial of Abey JosephI highly recommend Mr. Murali and Mangalath Immigrations. As a civil engineer, I knew that obtaining Australian PR could be a complex process, but Mr. Murali’s expert guidance made it a seamless experience. He provided clear instructions for the paperwork, and we began the process in May 2022 with my wife and newborn baby.

When we faced an issue with our invitation in November, Mr. Murali’s extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations was invaluable. He suggested I retake the PTE exam, which ultimately led to us being granted PR in an impressively short time frame on April 12th, 2023.

Mr. Murali is highly professional, dedicated, and truly cares about his clients. He kept us informed throughout the entire process and provided us with peace of mind. Thanks to his efficient handling of our case, we can now live our dream in Australia. Thank you, Mr. Murali!


Testimonial of Mr. Rohith, Mechanical Engineer, from Palakkad, Kerala who got PR SC 189 Visa in March 2023.

Testimonial of RohithFrom the very beginning, Mr Murali Mangalath & Mangalath Australia Immigration exhibited an unparalleled level of knowledge and professionalism. Their guidance was always accurate and on point, ensuring that I received the right advice at the right time. It is because of your expertise and timely suggestions that I was able to expedite the entire visa application process. Your no-nonsense approach and impeccable judgment when it comes to Australian immigration matters truly set you apart. We were able to complete the whole process swiftly because of your exceptional guidance and I finally got my visa confirmed in March 2023.

Your team at Mangalath Immigration India, especially Mr Gopinath, was equally remarkable, displaying utmost professionalism at every step.

I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental your guidance has been in realizing my dream of obtaining the Australian Permanent Residency. Thanks to your exceptional service!

I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking assistance with Australian immigration matters. It is not often that one comes across an individual with such a deep understanding of the process. Your reputation as a top-tier immigration consultant is well-deserved and your services are second to none.

Once again, please accept my heartfelt appreciation for everything you and Mangalath Immigration Services have done for me. You have made my dreams come true, and I will forever be grateful for your invaluable support. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

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