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There are a number of student visas that will allow you to study various courses in Australia. Depending on your main course of study we will find you the right visa type.

Pursuing higher education abroad can be an exciting and transformative journey, and Australia has emerged as one of the top destinations for international students. With its world-renowned universities, vibrant cities, and diverse cultural experiences, Australia offers an enriching environment for learning and personal growth.

Student Guardian; Parents or relatives can apply for a visa to stay in Australia as the guardian of a student who is studying in Australia.

There are many visa options (also for permanent residence) that become available to applicants who have successfully completed full-time study in Australia.

Our office may be able to assist you in electing a suitable course at an accredited education service provider (including private colleges and universities) throughout Australia. We can also assist in obtaining an enrolment for your chosen course of study, to set you on your way to commence studies in Australia.

Types of Student Visas

Australia offers various student visa subclasses, each tailored to different levels of study and purposes. The most common ones include:

Subclass 500: This is the primary student visa that covers a wide range of study programs, from vocational courses to doctoral degrees.

Subclass 590: Designed for international students undertaking non-award foundation studies or other full-time courses that do not lead to an Australian award.

Subclass 485: Also known as the Temporary Graduate visa, this allows international students to work in Australia temporarily after completing their studies.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an Australian student visa, you generally need to meet the following requirements:

Enrollment: You must have a valid offer of enrollment from a recognized Australian educational institution.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement: You must demonstrate that you intend to stay in Australia temporarily for the purpose of studying and that you have genuine intentions to return to your home country after your studies.

Financial Capacity: You need to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying and living in Australia.

Health and Character Requirements: You might need to undergo health examinations and provide a police clearance certificate to prove your good character.

Application Process

The process for obtaining an Australian student visa involves the following steps:

Receive Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE): Once you have been accepted into an Australian educational institution, you will receive a CoE, which is essential for your visa application.

Create an ImmiAccount: This is the online platform where you will submit your visa application. Make sure to have all necessary documents ready, including your CoE, passport details, financial documents, and health insurance information.

Health Check and Insurance: Depending on your home country and length of stay, you might need to undergo a health examination. Additionally, you must purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to cover any medical expenses during your stay.

Biometrics and Interview: Some applicants might be required to provide biometrics as part of the application process. An interview might also be required in certain cases.

Visa Conditions

Once you obtain your student visa, it’s important to understand the conditions that come with it:

Course Requirement: You must maintain enrollment in a registered course and make satisfactory progress towards completing it.

Work Limitations: While on a student visa, you are allowed to work a certain number of hours per week during the semester and full-time during breaks.

Health Insurance: You must maintain your OSHC throughout your stay in Australia.

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Upon completing your studies, you might be eligible for the Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485), which allows you to work in Australia temporarily. This can provide valuable work experience and potentially lead to opportunities for permanent residency through various skilled migration pathways.

A Life Changing Experience.

Obtaining a student visa for Australia is a significant step towards realizing your academic and personal goals. By understanding the visa types, eligibility criteria, application process, and associated conditions, you can navigate the process with confidence. Remember that each individual’s situation is unique, so it’s recommended to consult official Australian government sources or seek advice from registered migration agents for personalized guidance. With the right preparation, your Australian education adventure can be a rewarding and life-changing experience.

Other Services

Mangalath Immigration is headed by a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) who will deal with your enquiries and give you advice and guidance on all issues to do with immigrating to Australia.

Family Visa/Migration

Family-stream permanent residence visas for spouse, child, parent, or dependent relative of an Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizen. Children who have been adopted or are in the process of being adopted outside of Australia. 

The General skilled migration program in Australia takes in highly skilled, experienced, English speaking applicants from a list of professions and trades. Candidates must meet the Basic Requirements and gain sufficient points to pass the points test.

Employer Sponsored Visas

This visa lets skilled workers, who are nominated by their employer, live and work in Australia permanently. You must have the necessary skills and must be nominated by an Australian employer. There are concessions for employers in regional areas.

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priya krishnanpriya krishnan
13:23 03 Aug 23
SC491Occupation: Systems AdministratorMR Murali Mangalath guided us in the right path and his service is extraordinary. One of the most trusted agent and his agency Mangalath Immigration service is great and all their services are done in a timely manner.Thanks to Mr. Murali and Mangalath Immigration for their tremendous effort in getting my family granted with SC491 in 5 months that is super-fast and incredible.
Sreekumar RamakrishnanSreekumar Ramakrishnan
09:56 01 Aug 23
I was referred to Mr. Murali by one of my friends and his service was phenomenal. I had to apply for a spouse visa and I took Murali's service in 2019. Though there was a delay of over 3 years from my end to share the documents due to other commitments I had, he did honor the agreement and helped us get the visa in under 3 months once the documents were shared. I highly recommend Mr. Murali for any immigration services if you are looking for someone who is straightforward and keep his words.
riyas pkriyas pk
16:29 15 Jul 23
Thank you Mr. Murali Mangalath for helping us through this process. We are happy to say that we have successfully gained our residence status here in Australia . It was very easy to work with your office in cochin and Melbourne as well. Answering all of our questions with simplified answers to help us understand what exactly we needed to do in our documents. To my understanding, the application was processed bit longer than I expected due to the pandemic situation but you’ve put extra effort to get rid of all worries and concerns we had. Thank you for being patient with us. The personalised services made us feel special and cared about. All of the paperwork was in perfect order, complete and explanation for each. Thank you again for helping us. Me and my family start a new life in Australia together. We would certainly recommend Mangalath immigration’s services to anyone for all visa and migration matters . Thank you again!
Rohith SonuRohith Sonu
05:12 15 Jul 23
From the very beginning, Mr Murali & Mangalath Australia Immigration exhibited an unparalleled level of knowledge and professionalism. Their guidance was always accurate and on point, ensuring that I received the right advice at the right time. It is because of your expertise and timely suggestions that I was able to expedite the entire visa application process. Your no-nonsense approach and impeccable judgment when it comes to Australian immigration matters truly set you apart.Your team at Mangalath Immigration India, especially Mr Gopinath, was equally remarkable, displaying utmost professionalism at every step.I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental your guidance has been in realizing my dream of obtaining the Australian Permanent Residency. Thanks to your exceptional service!I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking assistance with Australian immigration matters. It is not often that one comes across an individual with such a deep understanding of the process. Your reputation as a top-tier immigration consultant is well-deserved and your services are second to none.
Sajith KumarSajith Kumar
04:00 11 Jul 23
Visa Granted : SC189I would like to thank Mr. Murali and Mangalath Immigration team for their excellent professionalism and service that helped me and my family to achieve SC189 PR. From the very first step onwards to the final step, Murali has helped us with proper guidance and advice, especially in preparing all the necessary documents. He was also proactive in responding to my queries via email & whatsapp.During to covid time, when entire country was locked down , I was guided in the right direction and with the right decisions. The constant support from Mr. Murali and his experience in dealing with this in a meticulous manner really impressed me .I would like to thank Mr. Gopinathan from the Mangalath Cochin office, who has helped us during the entire process, especially during the EOI raising and the follow ups. I personally know many people who achieved their goal of becoming Australian PR with the help of Mr. Murali and his team. And, I strongly recommend Mr. Murali and Mangalath immigration as your migration agent to achieve the dream of Australia PR.Thank you Murali & Mangalath Immigration Team,Sajithkumar & Family
Srinivasan BSrinivasan B
22:50 09 Jul 23
I am Srinivasan. I received SA 491 grant recently. I was referred to Mr. Murali by my friend and former colleague Mr. Karthik.I have lived in USA for 10+ years and was very skeptical about migrating to Australia initially considering my age. Immigrating to Australia is a complex process.My first communication with Mr. Murali got me convinced that I have found the right contact to address my immigration concerns. He guided me on the correct visa that i need to apply for. He also provided me a contact who would help me with the correct guidance to crack PTE to get maximum points from it.I also would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Murali for being very patient in answering my questions (sometimes silly and basic) and always reassured me that everything will be fine throughout the whole journey. During the course of the journey i was getting into an uncertain mode whether i would get the grant or not, and Mr. Murali again assured me that the grants will flow out soon. Their charges for the services were also nominal.Mr. Murali was very practical in his answers with me which always kept me afloat through the entire process when my thoughts about the grant happening were fading away and i was almost ready to forget about it. In short, Mr. Murali was "the" man for me during crisis.I will definitely recommend Mr. Murali and Mangalath Immigration Services India and Mangalath Immigration Australia for a transparent, smooth and assured process for anyone desiring to get an Australian visa.Again Thank you Mr. Murali for the services, guidance and patience for keeping my mind at ease
13:40 26 Feb 23
I really suggest people to choose Mangalath Immigration for any visa services . I had a very good experience with them,with their service and work they did for us.I came to Australia through Mangalath Immigration in 2015, they really did great service, My brother recently got his subclass 189 visa through them. They did every single step carefully and updating us immediately. When case officer contacted them for additional documents, They have communicated with us and submitted documents with in hours. My brother skill assessment was refused initially as he did from different agents who did not do the proper work, then we contacted Mangalath Immigration they have assessed his application and launched properly, now we got visa on hand.

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