About Us

About Us – Mangalath Immigration is headed by a Registered Migration Agent (RMA). He will deal with your enquiries. He will also give you advice and guidance on all issues to do with migrating to Australia. Immigration law and policy are subject to constant change, but Mangalath Immigration is abreast about developments on a daily basis. As RMA he has to be knowledgeable with Australian Immigration law. Our RMA is also up-to-date with the legal and policy aspects of migrating to Australia. He is able to interpret and apply both law and policy for the benefit of our clients.

We Believe Mangalath Immigration Can Assist You

Mangalath Immigration Managing Director, who is himself a migrant to Australia provides immigration advice and assistance. His personal experience has given him an insight of the process of gaining Permanent Residence in Australia. Unlike some others, therefore, he is able to relate to you and the issues you have to confront from his own personal experience. You’ll find it makes a difference!

Besides, Mangalath Immigration is familiar and up-to-date with the various Australian State/Territory-Sponsorship and Employer-Sponsorship Schemes. This makes it easier for people to obtain a visa and to gain employment. Our Migration Agents know exactly what it takes to benefit from these schemes.

About Us – Testimonials

A recurrent theme in the testimonials we receive from our clients is that the people at Mangalath Immigration are not only KNOWLEDGEABLE, but they are FRIENDLY, and they are HONEST.

Skilled Workers

At Mangalath Immigration Services, we track blue collar job prospects across Australia. We also help you identify the one most suited for you. We are constantly evaluating salaries and benefits for various trade. Consequently, you will have comprehensive information that will help you decide.

Please remember, the first step to immigrating to Australia is to understand the various features of the job market. This includes scoring English test and being less than 32 years of age. Hence, Mangalath Immigration Services is the right place for you to start that journey.

We are here to help you!!

At Mangalath Immigration, we will assist you with the whole process until you get Australian Permanent Residency. Our services include: 

  • Assistance in understanding the registration process
  • Assistance with Self check
  • Also Visa assistance to arrive in Australia to attend tests and practical exams
  • Career guidance and obtaining Permanent Residency

Find out more about us. Contact us at murali.mangalath@gmail.com or call +91 484 2474577 / +91 9895577166 for job opportunities and immigration to Australia.