March 2023

Bangkok Visit March 2023

Bangkok Visit March 2023

Meet Us At Bangkok – 9th March to 21 March, 2023

Thailand Visit – Our Director and Registered Migration Agent Mr. Murali (MARN No. 1170229) will be in Bangkok, and the details are as below!

Venue: 201/132 Palazetto, Zet-3, 162-M005. Phaholyothin Road,Phra nakhonsi Ayyuthaya,Wangnoi, Lamsai, 13170

Date: 9th March to 21 March  2023

Time: 9.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m


(Prior appointment is advisable to avoid wait times. Please email your interest and time to

See you all at Bangkok. Please share and forward this to your friends.

Opportunities for: Fitter, Metal Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Welder,  IT Professional, Engineers and many more professionals


Bangkok Visit – Our Director and Registered Migration Agent Mr. Murali will be in Thailand, from 9th March to 21 March 2023.

Mangalath Immigration


Who we are

We provide a high standard of service to customers who are keen to migrate to Australia. Please contact our friendly and professional agent via email or call to discuss about your prospects of migrating to Australia. Also, our Principal agent will help you and guide you through the process.

Why meet us during our Bangkok visit?

Mangalath Immigration is headed by a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) who will also deal with your enquiries and give you advice and guidance on all issues to do with migrating to Australia.

Immigration advice and assistance is provided to you by Mangalath Immigration Managing Director, who is himself a migrant to Australia and because he has had personal experience of what is involved in the process of gaining Permanent Residence in Australia. Unlike some others, therefore, he is able to relate to you and the issues you have to confront from his own personal experience.

Furthermore, as a RMA he has to be knowledgeable and up-to date with Australian Immigration law and the Immigration policy of the Australian Government. Immigration law and policy are subject to constant change, but Mangalath Immigration follows such developments on a daily basis. Our RMA is always up-to-date with the legal and policy aspects of migrating to Australia and is also able to interpret and apply both law and policy for the benefit of our clients.

Mangalath Immigration – Experienced, Genuine

Mangalath Immigration has helped many professional to immigrate to Australia. As a result, all our clients are happy with our services.

Check out client testimonials :

What can you do to start the process?

Meeting our Agent during his Thailand visit is a great idea to start reviewing your visa options. Also, we encourage anyone interested to immigrate to contact us for an assessment based on your profile. We encourage you to ask any questions that you may have.


Also most importantly, Visa applicants are warned again to avoid unscrupulous migration agencies targeting people interested in migrating to Australia.

Contact Mangalath

Our Migration Advisors are experts in assessing visa options and determining the best for applicants. Also, Appointments can be booked online here.

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