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The blue-collar advantage in Australia

The blue-collar advantage in Australia

What it means to ITI technicians and professionals in India

Firstly, Australia is a phenomenal place for construction workers and other tradespeople. The blue-collar advantage in Australia also includes an attractive pay. Besides, an electrician working in the city can earn anywhere from $120k-$150k (between Rs.50 Lakhs and 75 Lakhs per annum). Secondly, a technician who is willing to stretch beyond and take on a full-time workload could earn more than $150k. Thirdly, even lower skilled jobs in cafes and retail command a high minimum wage with the worker’s rights being well-protected. Generally, overtime payments are high. As a result, there is excellent work-life balance with a 38-hour work week.

Jobs in Australia. Ideal opportunity for ITI / Diploma holders. The blue-collar advantage in Australia includes an attractive pay.

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Ideal opportunity for ITI / Diploma holders

This is an ideal opportunity for ITI / Diploma holders who are experienced and the minimum requirement to migrate, which is the primarily based on scoring English test and less than 32 years of age:

Of particular note is South Australia which is going all out to attract migration into the state. Also, the newspaper “Australian” reports that Mr Marshall’s (Premier of South Australia) strategy to grow the population is through a greater share of the skilled migration intake. It also includes concessions for overseas students to stay longer in the south upon graduating; attract residents from the east; and win back young South Australian expats. Besides, the attractive property prices and the type of jobs that are on offer have made South Australia an attractive proposition.

What can skilled workers look forward to in Australia? Because it has a great work-life balance and fair wages!

Trade Occupations in Demand in Australia

Automotive Electrician Sheet Metal Worker Fitter- Welder
Motor Mechanic (General) Metal Fabricator Metal Machinist
Diesel Motor Mechanic Pressure Welder  Toolmaker
Motorcycle Mechanic Welder (First class) Vehicle Painter
Small Engine Mechanic Fitter Carpenter
Joiner Bricklayer Wall & Floor Tiler
Plumber (General) Electrician Machinist
Chef Electronic Instrument Trade worker
Cook Air-conditioning Mechanic

The blue-collar advantage in Australia for skilled workers are:

  • Industry standard pay with 9.5% compulsory Superannuation
  • There is life-work balance; 5 day working week and holidays during weekend
  • Good relationship with employer.
  • 4 weeks paid annual leave.

Our Support

Due to the fact that we also track blue collar job prospects across Australia and help you identify the one most suited for you. We are constantly evaluating salaries and benefits for various trades. This will also ensure that you have comprehensive information that will help you decide. In addition the first step to immigrating to Australia is to understand the various features of the job market. This includes scoring English test and being less than 32 years of age. Mangalath Immigration Services is the right place for you to start that journey.

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