Client Testimony

Arun Surendrababu & Family , Electrical Engineer from Kollam ,Kerala received his Australian PR Visa (Subclass 489) 3rd March 2020

Testimonial SureshOn behalf of me and my family, we would like to thank you all at Mangalath Immigration for all the work, help and support you guys put in to get our Visa. The guidance and support that I have received from you is beyond my expectations. I am truly glad that I have chosen your agency to help me in achieving my dreams come true.

A chance discussion in February of 2018 and a recommendation from a friend led us to Mangalath Immigration. A couple of email exchanges later we were convinced that we had finally come to the right person. Murali was extremely clear and transparent in his communication with us and guided us with his immense knowledge on the way forward. What followed were loads of paperwork, submissions, seeking of clarity, frustrating moments, almost giving up and a long and arduous wait. Through all of this, the very calm and patient Murali kept us motivated.

A very special shout out to Murali who corresponded with us throughout, guided us and assisted us with the documentation and submissions. Thank you for patiently answering all our questions.

Thank you team Mangalath Immigration for making this possible. Murali and his team are highly recommended for all visa and migration requirements to Australia and we wish them our best and all success.

Dr.S.Mani Megalai M.C.A., Ph.D., March 2020
From Chennai, India (Subclass 190; Global Talent Program Pathway) 

I personally recommend Mr. Murali and Mangalath immigration for PR processing. I thank him for guiding us to get 190 VISA in a short span of time.

He follows each and every single step planned and systematic towards the VISA process. His documentation strategy is fantabulous. He is exuberant on each successful immigration steps in the whole process than us. He suggested to apply through PhD pathway as I have completed PhD and got 190 skilled migration PR Grant for our family in 5 months. Reasonable consultation fees which the service is worth of it. We get immediate response and clarification from him on every queries. He is consistently reinforces the trust every time and continuing after the process as well. I would like to express my gratitude for helping us towards achieving our goal.
I highly recommend Mangalath Immigration to any prospective migrants looking to migrate to Australia.

Sreeja Anish & Family, Software Engineer, February 2020 (From Ernakulam, Kerala. Living in Sydney, NSW; Subclass 190 visa).


Our Journey with Mangalath Immigration started 4 years ago. During our first call, he explained the process thoroughly and mentioned about different stages to share the required documents. He constantly followed for required documents and always available for all our queries either via Mail/call/Whatsapp.

We faced issues in reaching required points due to delay in clearing English test. We tried several attempts with PTE and almost given up the process. Murali came up with different options of English test and shared good links to look into.He kept track of our ACS expiry and renewed it again . That made our process easier when we clear the English test . We got the invite within one week of lodging EOI.

Due to the changing rules and issues with points, documents and visa processing delays, we had to wait an year to grant visa. We used to call him every month asking for the status. He used to reply patiently with lot of positive enthusiasm.

Thank you Murali and Mangalath Immigration for all your support towards our dream of Australian PR.

Sreeja , Anish and Rutvi



Anish Abraham and Family, Sydney, NSW (January 2020). Received his Subclass 190 visa.

“Would like to thank Mr.Murali, Mangalath Immigration for helping us achieve our PR Visa and for the excellent service provided .He was incredibly easy to work with and the communication was always prompt and hassle free.His comprehensive experience as an Immigration agent made the whole process very easy.Highly recommend Murali for the high level of duty of care and the definite value for money.”

Muralidhar Paramasivan, January 2020
“We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Murali N Mangalath for guiding us on the two stage partner visa application. He has guided us throughout the first stage of the partner visa process, we had been in contact with him prior to our marriage deciding on which visa to apply (Offshore / Onshore) & when to apply. He provided us with insights on the visa process & guided us with supporting documentations.
He had been patient with all our questions, provided us the required forms, listed out all the other necessary documents required for lodging our visa. After lodging our partner application Murali gave a estimate of the wait time before we could get our visa and it turned out to be so true. He was very prompt in responding to our questions either through mails or messages or through calls. We are fully satisfied with the service provided by Murali & awaiting processing of the second stage of the application. We highly recommend to consult with Murali for Australia visa processing.”

Shilpa Mohan, December, 2019


Shilpa Mohan , Business Analyst from Bangalaore , Receiving herAustralian PR Visa (Subclass 489) from Mangalath Immigration Office at Athani,Ernakulam ,Kerala on 30th December 2019

Archana, November, 2019
When I decided to enquire about the visa process I got some glowing recommendation and reference about Mangalath Immigration and their Registered Migration Agent Mr Murali Mangalath and I am glad that I trusted them for Murali has been nothing but short of Blessing for us. He was a through professional and was patient enough to rest all our doubts in peace .

Murali explained us the whole process thoroughly and also mentioned the stages where we have to be quick in sharing the required documents. All through the process Murali and his office staff were guiding us on what needs to be done next , suggested the visa to choose and documents needed.

Murali also validated the documents to ensure that the visa officer doesn’t come back for more details which might affect the visa timelines. When I delayed providing the documents, he made frequent follow ups so that it doesn’t cause any delay in the visa processing.

When I was waiting impatiently for the visa after the application process, I used to trouble him by calling him every other week asking for status. During all such calls Murali used to reply me patiently with lot of details and positive enthusiasm. He kept the hopes alive even when we had given up .Appreciate a lot for that. Altogether the process was smooth and I think getting visa at this period of time within a year is a great achievement.

We are grateful to Murali, his India Office staff and Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd for their excellent support & guidance they have provided all through this tedious journey. We would highly recommend Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd and Mr Murali Mangalath as an immigration agent for anyone looking for migration services and have already referred him to few.

Mr Senthil Murugaiyan and Family, Singapore – November 2019
Firstly, I would like thank Mr.Murali Mangalath for his professional guidance and service on my Australian PR visa processing. I am sure that 100% success rate with Mangalath Immigration regardless of any kind of situation since he is giving best possible solution. I came across some critical situation while Immigration policy changes in terms of Total point, that time Murali has provided me suggestion to manage the situation and finally my visa granted on 2 Dec 2019.

Mr.Murali Mangalath helped me throughout the process in terms of completing my documentation accurately and on time. He is always reachable and promptly responsive on mails. I never met him personally during the entire visa process but that did not matter, as my interaction with him was always prompt and clear. No need of chasing or changing people on the consultant’s side as he was himself overseeing all through the process.

Finally yet importantly, Murali Mangalath is most trust worthy person and I would strongly recommend Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd to those who wish to apply Australian PR.

Dharmaraj & Family Nov 2019:


“We would like to thank Mangalath Immigration and their Registered migration Agent Mr. Murali for making our dream of moving to Australia comes true. It’s been a long journey but having Murali by our side, everything just fell into place. Their service was excellent and he confidently guides you through the complete process. Furthermore, Mangalath Immigration and their Migration Agent are trustworthy and result oriented, gives special attention to clients and always respond immediately to e-mails and phone calls.

I am fully satisfied with their immigration service and would strongly recommend Mr. Murali and Mangalath Immigration for my friends and colleagues. So, I encourage all prospective migrants to avail his service to migrate to Australia.”

Josch & Anoja Babu Family, Singapore, November 2019
When we decided to migrate to Australia, we decided that it would be ideal to have an immigration lawyer carry out all necessary procedures on our behalf to save us from any mishap on our part, reading forums and listening to a friend’s ordeal with the whole migration process strengthened our conviction in appointing a registered migration agent. It was through a colleague in Singapore that I came to know of Mangalath Immigration and Mr Murali.

Right from the start the major communication channels were through email and texts on Whatsapp, though we were kind of skeptical to start off without meeting our lawyer in person, right from the beginning all forthcoming procedures inclusive of language proficiency scores(PTE) , credential evaluation and other documentation were clearly listed out and made it easy to understand and plan how we should prepare for the provision of the same.

The skilled migration policy of the Australian government had seen a few changes while we were procuring the required documents and the desired language scores, and on his request alone we decided to lodge the 190 visa application for the state of NSW by June 2019(Had we applied to any other state or even the 189 visa, I’m very certain now, that such a speedy process wouldn’t have taken place).

All through the Initial stages, up to the day of receiving the grant letter, Mr Murali has always been honest and very knowledgeable of the processing timelines and his friendly demeanor never resulted in hidden costs or shocks. I have referred him to a few of my acquaintances and they are pleased with his interactions and friendly advice.

I feel fortunate to have been referred his services and we never had to deal with any other person from his team, and that made the communication all the more coherent. Thanks for helping us reach our dream within 5 months. I would recommend Mangalath Immigration for anyone considering applying for an Australian PR.

Balamurugan T; Transport Engineer, Dubai- March 2019
“My heartfelt thanks to Murali for assisting us in applying for permanent Residency to Australia. We are very glad on receiving the permanent residency with your support. We’re really happy with the service we obtained through him. He is extremely efficient, knowledgeable and very prompt with the responses to any query related to visa process.

Hardly there were much of voice conversations during the process except for email interactions. Though he always provided a clear list of requirements and advised the best way out. The decision turned to be positive quickly without any hassle.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for support to obtain a visa to Australia.”

Mr.Thamil Eezhaventhan January 2019
We were referred Mr Murali Mangalath by one of our friends and it turned out to be the one of the nicest experiences in terms of liaising with Immigration Consultants.

Mr Murali helped us throughout the process in terms of completing our documentation accurately and on time. He is always reachable and promptly responsive on mails. We never met him personally during the entire dealing but that did not matter as our interaction with him was always prompt and clear. No need of chasing or changing people on the consultant’s side as he was himself overseeing all through the process. Not but least he is most trust worthy I would like to recommend Mr Murali and Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd to anyone who is considering to applying Australian PR

A recurrent theme in the testimonials we receive from our clients is that the people at Mangalath Immigration are not only KNOWLEDGEABLE, but they are FRIENDLY, and they are HONEST.

Mr. Parthasarathi from India, TamilNadu, December 2018
I am Parthasarathi from India, TamilNadu, and Tirunelveli district. I express my immense thankfulness to Mr.Murali for obtained Australia PR visa to my family. My whole family is so happy about our immigration. I never forgot Mr.Murali Mangalath changed my life into bright.

I tried many consultants and agents directly and indirectly since past 6 years in India and Singapore .I also paid plenty of money to different consultants. However no one could ever tell me what the right way to get Australia Permanent Resident.

My friend (Lakhsmanakumar) introduced me Mr.Murali over the phone on January 2018.I had initiated my PR process on February 2018 with complete guidance with Mr. Murali. Every stage of the process 100% assured and received positive outcomes as he said earlier. It was worth every dollar I spent for the consulting fee. His quality of service and dedication worth full and appreciated.

“I was very impressed with Mr.Murali thoroughness and professionalism. He has a vast knowledge in immigration rules and regulations up to date. I never know and meet Mr.Murali till date, but his meticulous service should be really admired.

I sure appreciate the wonderful way you have handled the referrals that I’ve given you so far. It makes me look good with the person I have referred you to, when you give them great advice, service and all of the extra things that you do for them. It is obvious that you genuinely like to help people.

testimonial Mr. Sachin V. Metal machinist from Ernakulam, Jun 2018
We would like to express our heartfelt gratefulness to Mangalath Immigration on achieving the PR visa for the family. We had bitter experiences from a leading migration agency in Malaysia which left us little confident of the successful outcome till we got introduced to Mr.Murali Mangalath by one of our family friends Mr.Pradeep Kumar C.

Thank God, Mr.Murali was so patient to go through every single document and extended a comforting hand to us. He explained the entire application process to us and assured that we are eligible for the visa application. He was so much in detail and his very professional approach gave us confidence. We chose Mangalath Immigration and the result was amazing, we got our visa granted in just 4 months.

Now, on arriving to Australia, we are extremely happy to share our experience to all who are stuck or confused about the Australian Migration process, without a doubt you may choose Mangalath Immigration Pty. Ltd, as your agent and if Mr. Murali says YES then that’s your green signal. Once again thanking him for the friendly and reliable assistance throughout the process and ongoing support.

Mr Vasanthakumar Ponnambalam & Family; Engineer, Singapore, Mar 2018
I would like to express my gratitude to Mangalath Immigration for the help, support and positive results regarding my Permanent Visa application. Thank you for your careful assistance and professionalism, for always being there to answer every single question we had.

I’m very fortunate to have you to manage my case. It genuinely wouldn’t have been possible without your consistent help and advice.

You proved very knowledgeable and helpful in the whole process. All emails and telephone calls were responded promptly and efficiently and the knowledge of you made the process simple to obtain our visa.

Thanks for all the help and top-quality advice you gave in helping us with our successful application. Would recommend you to anyone who is considering moving to Australia. My family and I so grateful to you processing our case and helping us reach our dream. Thank you so much.

From Prachi Raparia and Family, Bangalore, India- September 2017
We were referred to consult Mr Murali Mangalath by one of our friends and it turned out to be the one of the most pleasant experience in terms of dealing with Immigration Consultants. Mr Murali helped us through out the process in terms of completing our documentation accurately and on time.

As a result, we did not get any queries. He is always reachable and extremely responsive on mails, sms or calls. We never met him personally during the entire dealing but that did not matter as our interaction with him was always prompt and clear. No need of chasing or changing people on the consultants side as he was himself overseeing all through the process. Will recommend Mr Murali and Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd to anyone who is considering to apply for PR to Australia.

From Abhilash and Family, Singapore- September 2017
Mr. Murali, I would like to thank you for all your assistance in making my dreams come. It was the most amazing moment when you mailed to inform that me and my family had been granted our visa. My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with our visas. It was such a pleasure to work with you.

We will surely recommend you to everyone who wants to emigration for you are always helpful, friendly, giving advice and able to answer my questions. You have been brilliant and thankfully the whole process only took few months. Such a speedy service too. Thanks again.

From AlFebi Hussain and Family, Singapore- May 2017
We would like thank Mr. Murali & Mangalath Immigration for their professional guidance in applying for Australian PR. We received approval on 31st May 2017. Entire process was done in 5 months (skill assessment + PR application).

Murali is a very friendly & attentive person, who always reply to our queries swiftly, which helps us to prepare & submit the documents orderly & timely.

I have got a chance to meet him while his visit to Singapore. But most of our communications were through emails & WhatsApp. He also do document attestation for a nominal rates which is great helpful. Overall we are fully satisfied with his professional services & I would surely recommend his service to those who wish to apply for Australian PR.

From Gopilingam & Family, Chennai, February 2017
I am writing to say that the service and guidance what I have received from Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd has been outstanding from the day 1 until I got my PR VISA. Mr. Murali was extremely professional and crystal clear throughout the whole process.His advice and support were excellent and I extremely thankful for his efforts. I did not see him personally. All the communications were done through mobile and emails only. But the entire process was done without any hiccups and hassles.

I got the VISA in six months’ time period after he lodged the visa application. To put it simple extraordinary service, Reliable and Trustworthy. I strongly suggest Mangalath Immigration Pty Ltd is the right choice for those who wants to migrate to Australia with PR Visa status.